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QForm version 10.1.7 is available
New version QForm 10.1.7 has been released. It has got many interface improvements and new simulation capabilities. Regarding the interface the software has the following new features: New navigation and viewing of the simulation results; Right mouse button improvements; New field scale; Improvements in Animations and images window; Improvements in initial geometry preparation; New License control possibilities;  Other improvements. All our users who have valid maintenance can download and install this new version.
QForm Extrusion introductory online training+trial+simulation service

We are glad to invite you to participate the practice webinar with an exclusive opportunity to get 14 days QForm Extrusion Cloud trial license with technical support for one practical project calculation and analysis.

QForm Extrusion Webinar in collaboration with AEC. 9th September, 2020

Quality control of extruded profiles: possible defects and methods of their prediction and elimination. The webinar is dedicated to control and enhancement of quality of the extruded profiles using the simulation as an optimization tool. It includes balancing of the material flow to get a straight profile after the bearings, control of a profile shape and dimensions that may vary even within extrusion of one billet depending on deformation of a die set and cooling conditions.

QForm Practice Webinars

Many people, including us, have realized that it is possible to do many things remotely. For example, no one has ever forbidden us to conduct webinars before, but we have not done so. Now, we have realized the benefits and convenience of such events for our current and potential users.

QForm Webinars Microstructure and Phase composition

Analysis of microstructure evolution processes in metal forming in QForm. Simulation of phase transformations during heat treatment of forged parts in QForm.

QForm sheet metal forming webinar in collaboration with CBM. June 2, 2020

QForm sheet metal forming simulation software. Defects analysis, forming and tool optimization. How to save time and increase your productivity.Ductile damage models. Factors that limit the plasticity. FLD diagramms.

QForm Cold Forming Webinar in collaboration with CBM. The 20th of May 2020

This one-hour metal forming technology webinar is intended for practicing engineers working in the field of cold bulk metal forming and fasteners manufacturing.

QForm Webinar in collaboration with ALFED. 12 May 2020

Enhancement of Aluminium profiles extrusion technology using the simulation.

QForm Webinar in collaboration with Confederation of British Metalforming. 29 April 2020

This metal forming technology webinar is intended for practicing engineers working in the field of hot and cold bulk metal forging and fasteners manufacturing.

COVID-19 Support Issue

Dear Users,

For more than 25 years QForm team has lived by a core value to provide you with the best possible technical support and user experience with QForm software.

If your company is implementing quarantine measures during the pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19 and you have a need to organize your work with QForm software from your home, please send us an email to micas@qform3d.co.uk and we will be happy to help you with it.