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The 15th ADA User’s Conference 2014, 03 October, Tokyo, Japan

At 3rd October took place «The 15th ADA User’s Conference 2014» organized by our representative in Japan Applied Design Analysis Corporation (ADA). QuantorForm Ltd. CEO Mr. Sergey Stebunov presented a report "THE MOST INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE FOR HOT AND COLD FORGING SIMULATION" there.

The full program of conference:

Prof. Y. Isogawa, Daido University, “The present conditions of a forge-Expectation for component development and CAE in connection with the forging technology of domestic and overseas”

Dr. Sergey Stebunov, CEO QuantorForm Ltd., Russia “QForm 7 - The Most Innovative Software For Hot And Cold Forging Simulation”

Prof. K. Mori, Toyhashi University of technology “The latest press-forming technology”

Dr. F. Rastellini, Manager of Stampack, Quantech ATZ, Spain “Virtual sheet Metalforming, a step forward on the road to your success”

Mr. A. Sedlmaier, Executive Vice-President, dataM Sheet Metal Solutions Gmbh, Germany “Flexible Roll Form Technology to Manufacture High Strength Automobile parts”

Mr. L. Arrupe, product manager, dataM Sheet Metal Solutions Gmbh, Germany “COPRA FEA RF 2014: Advanced Restart Process Optimisation with New Fuctionalities”

Prof. M. Tanabe, Kawagawa Institute of Technology. “The simulation of high speed running of Shinkansen in case of an earthquake”.