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New version QForm V8 has been released

QForm V8 is the result of intensive research and development work that has been started in May 2014. This new version comes with many innovative simulation models and options as well as an updated interface.

New models and methods:

  • Ring rolling model as a dedicated feature of the program that is based on new computational methods and has a specialized interface
  • Dual mesh method that is now available for different kinds of processes including rolling, cogging etc.
  • Client-server and cloud modes of program operation
  • Advanced facilities for simulating with elastic-visco-plastic material model including load controlled tools and rotating billet like in flow forming
  • Task planer and batch mode
  • More advanced parallelisation of calculations that increases the simulation speed

Moreover, the program has 40+ another new features in the interface, source data preparation and simulation control, data import-export, interaction with the third party software and advanced results output. The complete list of new features can be found in the file on this page. New development makes our metal forming simulation software QForm V8 even more advanced and effective for use in industrial, research and educational applications.

The simulation has been performed using the dual-mesh method and special control algorithms that provide the same kinematics of the rolls as in modern numerically controlled ring rolling mills