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Hammer forging

Simulation of hammer forging with QForm  allows the user to see exactly the size of hammer is needed and the number of blows required thus making it easy to choose the optimal equipment for forging of any part. Clips below show two different types of equipment used for hammer forging of a crankshaft.

The first video is a simulation of a crankshaft forging in a 4 ton hammer with a blow energy of 50 kJ. Complete filling of the die cavity occurs at 12 blows which is excessive and this means that blow energy is not enough for this forging.

The second video shows the same crankshaft forged on a 5 ton hammer with a blow energy of 125 kJ. Complete filling of die cavity occurs at 4 blows. We can conclude that the 5 ton hammer is sufficient for forging of this crankshaft.