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QForm Cloud

New cloud solution for metal forming simulation

Ideally, forging and fasteners companies should have immediate access to simulation whenever they need it. Thanks to innovative development of QForm  we can propose a new service “Simulation on demand” based on a cloud solution. The simulation itself is run by a computational core on a high-performance server in the cloud while the program interface can be run on any computer or even a tablet at the user location. The interface and server communicate through the Internet.

The cloud solution is very flexible and scalable. You just have to install QForm  Cloud on your computer or tablet with Windows 10 or 8 (see on the right). This program is identical to standard QForm VX except that it has no simulation core. It can work in two modes: either connected to the server (on-line mode) or not connected (off-line mode). In the latter case you can prepare a new project for simulation and playback the results of previously run files. To save a prepared project and run the simulation you should be on-line!

Client part of QForm Cloud can be run on any computer including Windows tablets. The performance depends on the Internet connection speed but not the speed of a local computerSetting Cloud login and password