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Simulation Club meeting in Shiyan,China (14-16/04/2013)

From 14 to 16 April Fukin Technologies Services (QForm representatives in China,Beijing), Pavel Mordvintsev (Manager of Business Development Department QuantorForm, Ltd., post graduate student of Moscow State Technical University, Metal Forming technology) and Ivan Lishniy (Manager for international marketing QuantorForm, Ltd.) organized the first meeting of Simulation Club in Shiyan,China. The meeting was organized with the support of QuantorForm's engineers.The event attracted many participants from different provinces of China - as representatives of the scientific community and the producers (mainly atomobile parts). At the first part of meeting, club members discussed the latest trends and issues in the field of simulation of metal forming processes.

And at the second part QuantorForm's engineers introduced the participants with the features of new simulation software QForm 7.

For information about upcoming meetings of Simulation Club please contact: China - Fukin Technologies Services (Beijing) B-506 Technology Fortune Center, No.8 Xueqing Road, Haidian Beijing, 100192 P.R.China Tel: 0086 10 82732808/68465045 Fax: 0086 10 8273 1808/68465044 E-mail: qform@chinaforge.org.cn, Jh@chinaforge.org.cn Contact Person: Joy Ji (Ms)