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Easy coding of User's Defined Subroutines using LUA language in QForm VX 8.1.3

Lua coding in QForm VX Extrusion provides a unique opportunity for researches in the field of material science to develop new material models based on any kind of internal variables of any complexity and immediately implement them to any kind of metal forming, including extrusion processes. If you are developing your own material model, just write it as a program code using the simple and free programming language LUA (www.lua.org) and run it in QForm debugging environment to check how it works. As soon as you are happy with results take this piece of code without any alterations and put it together with the other source data in QForm.

Tracking points

This program provides the fastest and the most elegant way of implementing user’s defined variables and functions. Any user defined variable or function can be implemented either in post-processor mode or during the simulation. In the latter case it may influence the flow stress data and affect the material flow. Post-processor implementation takes only few seconds to accomplish the calculation so the user can repeat them again and again changing parameters of his model. Applying the user’s model in simulation mode is also relatively quick. Simulation in QForm is amazingly fast thanks to the most advanced meshing algorithms and numerical methods specially developed for this program.