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ICTP 2017

QForm in Cambridge. Presentation at ICTP 2017

International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity is one of the biggest events in the field of metal forming science. This year it takes place in Cambridge, England September 18-21. Our paper at the conference is focused on simulation elastic-plastic deformation in case of localised large strain zones surrounded by vast elastic areas that are typical for incremental metal forming processes in cold state*. The problem becomes even more difficult due to limited plasticity because of damage accumulation. The developed approach has been used for the simulation of flow forming processes and has been compared with a rigid-visco-plastic model. The new model has been tested in comparison with experimental results and has proved its advantages and good accuracy. Besides of the paper we also have a stand at the conference to make live presentation of our software, its fantastic capabilities and user-friendliness. You can learn more if you send us an enquiry for your free QForm for test purposes just by clicking the link here.

*) The paper title at ICTP'2017 “Implementation of Elastic–Plastic and GTN Damage Prediction Models for Forming Processes with Highly Localized Large Strain” by A. Vlasov, N. Biba, S. Stebunov.