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Published Author Title
2015 Yury Gladkov, Ilya Peshekhodov, Milan Vucetic, Anas Bouguecha, Bernd-Arno Behrens Implementation of the Bai & Wierzbicki fracture criterion in QForm and its application for cold metal forming and deep drawing technology Download
2015 Nikolay Biba, Sergey Stebunov, Andrey Lishny, Alexey Duzhev Automated extrusion die design integrated with simulation of material flow Download
2015 Nikolay Biba, Alexey Vlasov, Sergei Stebunov, Alexander Maximov An Approach to Simulation of Flow Forming Using Elastic-Visco-Plastic Material Model Download
2015 O.I. Bylya, M.K. Sarangi, Rohit N, A. Nayak, R.A. Vasin, P.L. Blackwell Simulation of the Material Softening During Hot Metal Forming Download
2014 O. Bylya, N. Biba, A. Vlasov, R. Vasin The multidisciplinary approach to through process modelling of hot forming coupled with microstructure transformation Download
2014 Maksim Efimov, Aleksandr Selutin, Andrey Kolomoyets, Anatoly Ryabcev, Vladimir Pashinsky, Sergey Stebunov Experience of Simulation Implementation to Development of Technological Processes for Production of Large Forged Products at Energomashspetsstal (Kramatorsk) Download
2013 Tom Ellinghausen The Revolution of Simulation Software Development Download
2013 S. Stebunov, N. Biba, A. Lishny, L. Jiao Practical implementation of numerical modeling to optimization of extrusion die design for production of complex shape profiles Download
2013 Nikolay Biba QForm 7: forging competitive advantages Download
2013 Nikolay Biba, Sergei Stebunov, Andrey Lishny Simulation of material flow coupled with die analysis in complex shape extrusion Download
2012 Sergey Stebunov, Nikolay Biba, Andrey Lishij Influence of Contact Friction Conditions on Thin Profile Simulation Accuracy in Extrusion Download
2012 N. Biba, A. Lishny, S. Stebunov Practical Approach to Computer Simulation and Optimization of Complex Thin Profile Extrusion Download
2012 S. Stebunov, N. Biba, A. Lishny, L. Jiao Simulation and Optimization by QForm of Extrusion the Complex Thin Profiles Download
2012 Nikolay Biba Simulation of microstructure development and formation of mechanical properties in metal forming technology Download
2012 Nikolay Biba, Sergei Stebunov, Andrey Lishny The Model for Coupled Simulation of Thin Profile Extrusion Download
2012 Nikolay Biba, Alexander Maximov, Sergei Stebunov, Alexey Vlasov The model for simulation of thermally, mechanically and physically coupled problems of metal forming Download
2012 A. Vlasov, A. Maximov, G. Lehmann, S. Dedov Coupled Simulation of the System "Workpiece - Dies - Forging Press" by Finite Element Model Download
2011 N. Biba, A. Lishny, S. Stebunov Finite Element Modelling of Complex Thin Profile Extrusion Download
2011 Nikolay Biba, Sergei Stebunov, Andrey Lishny QForm-Extrusion simulation program for optimization of extrusion technology and tool design for complex thin wall profiles Download
2011 Nikolay Biba, Alexander Borowikow, Doris Wehage Simulation of Recrystallisation and Grain Size Evolution in Hot Metal Forming Download